Christie Walk aerial.png

Adelaide, South Australia

2,000m² Urban Infill Site


  • Medium-scale eco-village (27x dwellings)

  • Freestanding houses, townhouses, and apartments 

  • Personal capital of co-operative members via a collective holding trust and a community investment trust.

  • Passive solar design, straw-bale construction, recycle material usage, No active heating/cooling, solar hot water + energy collection, car free zone, on-site water collection, communal food garden.


Christie Walk is a co-housing initiative where approximately 15 individuals formed a private housing co-operative to acquire and develop a 2000m² inner-city site in Adelaide, South Australia.

An innovative development process was set up with three entities created to deliver the project, including Wirranendi (a not-for-profit housing co-operative for delivery), Ecopolis Architects (a for-profit architectural firm), and Ecocity Developments (a not-for-profit ethical builder).

The project was designed and built using innovative construction methods and low carbon and recycled materials. The project provides 27 housing units, including free-standing cottages, townhouses and apartments, plus community facilities such as a laundry, kitchen, meeting room, library, and an educational facility.