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What's this about?

We want to:

  • Promote increased housing diversity to cater for the circumstances and lifestyle choices of all Canberrans

  • Showcase successful housing projects, both historical and recent, many of which would not have been built under current planning policies

  • Identify selected projects that demonstrate innovation in housing design, site utilisation, sustainability, social engagement, higher density, accessibility or affordability. These projects include government developed social housing providing compact accommodation - often on redeveloped sites in established neighbourhoods

  • Highlight that not everyone wants to live in either an apartment or a single detached residence - yet the provision of a greater range of house types, including more compact attached (terrace) homes and townhouses is made more difficult by current planning policies. These policies are not in accord with the ACT government’s urban infill and affordable housing objectives

We are not advocating for unrestricted development. We acknowledge that much re-development that has occurred in the past is of poor quality and has disaffected residents and community associations.

On other hand, we do not want the status quo maintained. We believe current planning  policies limit housing options in established suburbs and we believe that we can achieve better housing for all residents in Canberra by taking a different approach which includes more innovative and compact multi-housing developments.

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Separately titled triple occupancy, on an amalgamated block in a standard RZ1 residential zone opposite bush reserve constructed in 2000 but not allowed since the 2002 Garden City Variations.